Friday, January 02, 2009

VEI Productions: site launched

VEI Productions has designed, developed content for, and set up a new web site for Chicago artist Ario, an artist that I represent through Ghanbari Fine Arts. The site provides only a small glimpse of his diverse body of work produced over the last nearly 30 years, covering everything from professional illustration work to sculptures to fine art paintings and sketches.

Ario has a new blog set up here to provide news updates.

VEI Press: Fortified Excrement(s) by Wade Furlong

Along with my boy Alberto Ruiz at Brandstudio Press, VEI Press has co-published the book Fortified Excrement(s) by artist Wade Furlong, an artist that I represent through Ghanbari Fine Arts. You can see some of the pages from this book and order it through the Brandstudio site here.

Price: $24.95
ISBN: 13 978-1-934623-98-5
8 3/4 x 12 3/8", 48 pages PMS BK, full-bleed
Hardcover, perfect bound-sewn pages

GFA: Scott Radke update

An artist I represent through Ghanbari Fine Arts, Scott Radke, has just finished an amazing installation piece commissioned by Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike. You can see photos at his LiveJournal and MySpace pages.

Scott gave an interview with the Arrested Motion blog about working on this massive set.

Check out some of the prints we sell of Scott's work at the Luna7 site.

New York ComicCon Feb 6-8, 2009

We're signed up to be at the upcoming New York ComicCon, being held at the Javitz Center from February 6-8, at booth #2382.

We'll be sharing the booth with the good folks from Red Sector Art, led by my friend Enrico Salvini.

With me will be an artist that I represent, Ted McKeever, who will be at the booth to sign copies of the newly released Definitive Ted McKeever Library hardcover editions published by Image Comics, including Book 1: Transit and Book 2: Eddy Current. Ted will also be drawing a limited number of commissions, and some original art of past work will be available for sale.

Red Sector Art will have artist Eduardo Risso available, too.

More news when it comes...